Application 2021

Completing this form is going to take some time, especially if this is the first time you’ve thought about these questions. Don’t worry, that’s ok. Take your time and do the best you can to articulate yourself clearly and concisely.

This stage of the application process is really just information gathering so that we can learn as much about you and the work you’re doing as possible and understand how we could best accommodate you on this course.

*Top Tip

Work out your answers in a word doc, so you can work on them at your leisure and ensure you don’t lose them, rather than working directly in the form. Then just copy and paste them into the form when you’re ready.

Cut and past the full link
Cut and past the full link
Please explain your unique approach or model or outcomes.
Achievements to date and what you need to get to the next stage?
Tell us what you've achieved and limitations you've faced
What is your legal structure?
What creative sub-sector/s do you work in
Check all that apply

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