Creative Game Changers
CGC Commitment Form


I understand the Creative Game Changers programme is a safe place, where people can speak openly and trust one another to be kind, respectful, supportive and private. I will do everything in my power to adhere to the rules of this space and behave accordingly.(Required)
I understand that the programme will be recorded to be viewed by participants on the course, but not to be distributed. No part of this recording will ever be used without your permission.(Required)
I understand that whilst this course is free, I am expected to fill in regular feedback forms and may be asked to take part in a testimonial.(Required)
I will be in attendance on 6 December at 15.30 pm for the virtual launch of Creative Game Changers hosted by Rachael Brown with guest Jenny Gilruth MSP. I understand that I am requested to speak for 2min about my business.(Required)
I am committed to making the time to be on this course. I am dedicated to attending and working hard.(Required)

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